Building the next generation of crypto exchanges

Creating a network of open-source Settlement Data Providers (SDP) for the Decentralized Settlement Layer (DSL) that powers cross-chain settlements on hybrid-Decentralized Exchanges (hDEX).

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1:1 Burning of $TXA Tokens from our reserve

*Reward is given for Staking $TXA for 6 months. Yield is calculated in $TXA amounts, not in USD or equivalent amounts.

Our Roadmap

Under budget, ahead of schedule. Our team has managed to build a new type of exchange framework from the ground-up in just a few short years - with plenty of exciting updates on the way in the near future.


Token Generation Event


Certik Token Audit Complete


Listing in first major exchange


Released detailed Technical Whitepaper


Pre-staking and $TXAD airdrop


Open sourcing of TXA DSL Settlement Contracts


Release of first TXA Cross-Chain Settlement Protocol compliant exchange


Open sourcing of TXA DSL Settlement Data Provider

Token Statistics

Just the raw numbers, no spin needed.

The Decentralized Settlement Layer

The framework for the next generation of powerful, convenient, and trustless hybrid-Decentralized Exchanges (hDEX). Easy to audit, explore, and use.

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Diagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL works
Decentralized Settlement

Exchanges running on Project TXA don't have to hold user funds. All trades are done P2P. Your money stays safe because the exchange never touches it.

No account needed

You won't need to worry about having your personal data stolen when trading. Just link your wallet and begin buying and selling.

Legal-first approach

Our architecture is built to comply with all applicable regulations, including those of the SEC, FinCEN, and CFTC.