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Cross-chain settlements without sacrificing self-custody – brought to you by an open-source network of Settlement Data Providers (SDPs) powering a Decentralized Settlement Layer (DSL). Welcome to the first ever hybrid decentralized exchange (hDEX).

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Our Roadmap

Under budget, ahead of schedule. Our team has managed to build a new type of exchange framework from the ground-up in just a few short years - with plenty of exciting updates on the way in the near future.


TXA smart contract code freeze for independent audit rounds


Audits Begin


Beta Mainnet Launch of Tacen Exchange

Q4 2023

Internal testing of fully decentralized settlement network

Q4 2023

Introduction of a fraud-proof mechanism in which independent network validators will be able to submit a fraud proof report if a settlement is done incorrectly or if incorrect data is provided. This creates a new revenue stream for validators who provide fraud proofs during dispute resolution.

Q4 2023

Tacen Exchange to expand capabilities to support advanced order types, such as trailing stops, stop limits, OCO, etc.

Q4 2023

Initiation of preliminary functionalities Regarding TXA DAO operation to enable community members to voice their needs and desires.

Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

Expansion of network robustness. This includes seamless management of contract upgrades on an individual network and exchange platform scale. During this period, in case of an upgrade, users will see their old balance on the old asset custody contract and the new balance on the new asset custody contract. Backward compatibility with previous versions of protocols will be maintained.

Q1 2024

Alpha testing of fully decentralized network of settlement

Q1 2024

Alpha testing of dashboard application for network participants to manage their SDPs and rewards

Q1-Q2 2024

Implementation of fully decentralized TXA network in Beta environment

Q3 2024+

Expand support for projects looking to leverage the decentralized settlement power TXA offers

Token Statistics

Just the raw numbers, no spin needed.

The Decentralized Settlement Layer

The framework for the next generation of powerful, convenient, and trustless hybrid-Decentralized Exchanges (hDEX). Easy to audit, explore, and use.

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Diagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL worksDiagram: How the DSL works
Decentralized Settlement

Exchanges running on Project TXA don't have to hold user funds. All trades are done P2P. Your money stays safe because the exchange never touches it.

No account needed

You won't need to worry about having your personal data stolen when trading. Just link your wallet and begin buying and selling.

Legal-first approach

Our architecture is built to comply with all applicable regulations, including those of the SEC, FinCEN, and CFTC.