The TXA Ecosystem Project

TXA Pte. Ltd., is building the Decentralized Settlement Layer (DSL), a community-operated, open-source technology that enables fast, secure, non-custodial, cross-chain settlement of digital asset transaction. The DSL will be powered by the TXA token and can be integrated by any compatible digital asset exchange platform.

The TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer is foundational to the development of the digital asset exchange of the future. Tacen Inc., a U.S. based, legal-first, software development company has partnered with TXA to develop the first hybrid-decentralized exchange (hDEX). The hDEX will combine a centralized orderbook with order matching speeds rivaling the fastest centralized exchanges (200+ per second), with the protections and benefits of the TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer.

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The TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer provides the foundation for a new generation of crypto exchanges. Don't miss an update!
Decentralized Cross-Chain Settlement

The hDEX is blockchain agnostic and the TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer is fully cross-chain supporting various types of digital assets including NFTs.

Partners & Funds
Leveraging the Power of the Internet Computer

The hDEX architecture is blockchain agnostic, instead relying on a decentralized network of oracles running on DFINITY's Internet Computer in order to track and provide trade data for our unique coordinated settlement proces

The TXA Token

This crucial utility token is one of the requirements to participate in the TXA Ecosystem and oraclized hDEX infrastructure.

A Few of The Many Supported Chains
The hDEX supports ETH and any ERC20 token that passes the proper compliance checks.
Binance Smart Chain
Continuing with our support for EVM compatible chains, the hDEX similarily supports BSC easily.
Polkadot Ecosystem
We are excited to explore Moonbeam and Moonriver integration work, and hope to have it available for our targeted Q4 2021 launch.
hDEX Technical Paper
Coming soon is a detailed paper on the hDEX achitecture and further information on its features. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to read it.
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The TXA Decentralized Settlement Layer provides the foundation for a new generation of crypto exchanges. Don't miss an update!
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June 16th, 2021
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