New Engineering Updates for Project TXA - June 2023

This week, we asked our developers to shed some light on what they’re working on next for Project TXA. Here’s what they said.

Advancements in Project TXA's Engineering

Project TXA continues to stay on track to become the next generation of cryptocurrency trading. Featuring the convenience of a CEX, with the safety and non-custodial aspects of a DEX, Project TXA’s hybrid decentralized exchange protocol (hDEX) is catching the attention of all the right people.

This week, we asked our developers to shed some light on what they’re working on next for Project TXA. Here’s what they said:

  1. Fraud-Proof Mechanisms: Our engineering team has successfully implemented robust fraud-proof mechanisms for both trade fees and trades with incorrect fees. These mechanisms leverage cutting-edge technologies to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, safeguarding the integrity of our platform and protecting the interests of our users.
  2. Smart Contract Repository Compatibility: To further enhance our platform's efficiency, we have updated various services to be fully compatible with our updated smart contract repository.
  3. TXA Whitepaper Updates
  4. Environment Refresh Script Improvements: We understand the importance of maintaining a stable and consistent development environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our development processes, our team has made significant improvements to the environment refresh script. These enhancements facilitate faster setup and debugging, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.
  5. 'Immediate or Cancel' Order Type: In preparation for the release of Tacen Swap, our simplified swap product, we are working on the 'Immediate or Cancel' order type (IOC). IOC, currently being tested in our environments, is the order type of Tacen Swap, allowing users to interact directly with Tacen's orderbooks without using the formal exchange.
  6. Geolocation Blocking: As part of our commitment to compliance and security, our team has initiated the development of geolocation blocking capabilities for assets and networks. This feature will provide additional safeguards by restricting access from unauthorized regions for specific coins or pairs, further enhancing the security measures of our platform​​.

Engaging with the Project TXA Community

As you can see, our developers are looking ahead to continue improving Project TXA in ways that will help the hDEX protocol achieve its rightful position as the most powerful, capable, convenient, and secure trading experience – all wrapped up into one.

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Welcome to Project TXA, where cryptocurrency evolves.