Project TXA Updated Circulating Supply

Everything you want to know about Project TXA's tokenomics, circulating supply, and everything in between.

Understanding Project TXA's Tokenomics

One of the first things you should ask when doing your homework about a crypto project is “What’s the token supply?”. Afterall, if the tokenomics are solid, then you can feel more confident regarding your assessments of a project. A project that has murky tokenomics, an unlimited supply, or no public information regarding token distribution is a project that is bound to provoke worry.

At Project TXA, we believe in radical transparency. That’s why we have always made the information regarding our token supply publicly accessible and widely available. If you would like to monitor the contract addresses and API for TXA token information, simply visit this link.

Project TXA's Circulating Supply and Unlocking Schedule

Here’s all of the information distilled for you:

Total Supply: 49,697,840.96887012 TXA

Circulating Supply (as of 04/14/2023): 5,601,806.620706299 TXA

Token Unlocking Schedule: Early in the history of Project TXA, 5,625,000 TXA tokens were sold in private funding rounds. At the time, the VWAP price of these tokens was $3.48 per TXA. Rounds 2-4 involved a two-year total unlock period for 4,375,000 TXA tokens; most of these have already been unlocked. Round 1 involved a three-year investment period for the remaining 1,250,000 TXA tokens that were made available during private funding. Token unlocking has been occurring at a linear rate, and the major “cliff” in token unlocks has already occurred. The unlocking of these tokens is controlled by a series of smart contracts.

Detailed information regarding Project TXA’s tokenomics can be viewed in our tokenomics paper. You can read the tokenomics paper by following this link and answering the legal questions required to view the paper.

We hope that you find this information helpful!

Joining the Project TXA Community

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