Project TXA’s commitment to the TXA token

The team behind Project TXA has always searched for ways to give additional value to holders of the TXA token.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Project TXA

The Token's Core Design and Supply

One of the first things to note about the TXA token is its maximum supply limit of 50,000,000 TXA. This is a critical factor since many cryptocurrencies lack a capped supply, potentially leading to unlimited token production, which could harm the token's value due to basic supply and demand principles. Project TXA adheres to a strict cap of 50 million tokens, ensuring a controlled supply.

Project TXA's Commitment to Schedule and Transparency

Project TXA has maintained a clear vesting schedule, with release dates and staking rewards adhering to the initial plan. This consistency and transparency have been a cornerstone of the project, with no unexpected changes in release dates, allocations, or withheld funds.

Enhancing Token Value for Holders

Token Burns

A key strategy employed by Project TXA to add value to its token holders is through token burns. This process involves permanently removing a portion of the tokens from circulation, thereby reducing the total available supply. Project TXA has already burned over 300,000 TXA tokens, with plans for further burns. This not only decreases the circulating supply but also increases scarcity, potentially benefiting the token's value. Our token burn campaign is an excellent example of our commitment to bringing value to our token holders and community

Token Buybacks

In addition to token burns, Project TXA has also engaged in the buyback of over 1 million TXA tokens. This action demonstrates a strong commitment to the project's success and reflects the team's confidence in the token's potential.

Join the Project TXA Community

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