Project TXA’s commitment to the TXA token

The team behind Project TXA has always searched for ways to give additional value to holders of the TXA token.

You can judge a cryptocurrency’s project seriousness by looking at their fundamentals. If the fundamentals are murky, or poorly designed, that’s never a good sign about the long-term potential of the project. One of the most important building blocks of any project is the token behind it. The cryptocurrency is the most fundamental aspect of a crypto company, and examining how the token works – and how the team treats their token – can reveal much about that project.

The fundamentals of the TXA token – Meticulously planned, flawlessly executed

One of the first things you’ll notice about the TXA token is that it actually has a maximum supply – 50,000,000 TXA. It’s shocking to realize that many cryptocurrencies do not have a maximum supply; this means that the team behind those projects could, in theory, print an endless supply of tokens. Basic supply and demand economics would tell you that this is a recipe for disaster.

The vesting schedule, release dates, and staking rewards for Project TXA have remained on schedule, as expected, and as promised. There were no suprises in release dates, no mysterious allocations, and no withheld funds.

Project TXA sticks to a hard cap of 50 million tokens. There will never be any more than that, and as we’ll explain in the next section, there’s actually far fewer than that in reality.

The treatment of the TXA token – Always giving value to the holders

The team behind Project TXA has always searched for ways to give additional value to holders of the TXA token. Part of this was done by giving the token a hard cap, but there are more ways that we can give back to you. One of the most prominent ways is through the frequent use of token burns.

Token burns involve permanently erasing – or burning – select tokens from existence. When Project TXA performs a token burn, we burn tokens that we own. In this was, the circulating supply of TXA decreases, the relative scarcity increases, and basic supply and demand economics takes over in a way that’s beneficial to the holder.

Project TXA has burned over 300,000 TXA to date, with plans to burn even more in the future. Our token burn campaign is an excellent example of our commitment to bringing value to our token holders and community. It should be noted that every time a TXA token is burned, the maximum supply actually decreases – so there will never be 50 million TXA tokens in circulation, and the circulating supply will continue to decrease as we keep incinerating tokens.

Additionally, Project TXA has bought back over 1 million TXA tokens, signaling our strong commitment to the protocol and the token itself and our ongoing desire to have heavy stakes in the success of the token.

As you can see, Project TXA cares deeply about our community, our users, and the holders of TXA. Part of the way that we show how much we care is by the way that we treat the TXA token – cautiously, openly, and with a strong desire to maximize value for our holders.


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