Project TXA’s Pioneering Technology

With a team that does a lot of its work in the great state of Wyoming, we have the frontier spirit hardcoded into our DNA.

From the very beginning, Project TXA has focused on delivering what we call “pioneering technology.” With a team that does a lot of its work in the great state of Wyoming, we have the frontier spirit hardcoded into our DNA. Part of that frontier spirit is the decision to do hard things, blaze trails, and attempt the impossible.

That’s why we have been pioneering an entirely new way to trade cryptocurrency, shrugging off previous frameworks and building something new. We call it a hybrid decentralized exchange – hDEX, for short – and we know that it’s the next evolution in crypto trading.

The pioneering technology behind the concept of an hDEX involves a complex blend of:

Self-custody – we believe that you should never, ever give up control of your cryptocurrency just to make a trade. Decentralized finance was never meant to be as centralized as it is now, and we’re returning to those roots by empowering our users to maintain full control of their assets at every step of the trade – no centralized deposits required.

Permissionless trading – no KYC needed, no account creation required. Just plug in your wallet, interact with the smart contracts, and start making trades instantly. We’re not your parents, you don’t need our permission to use your money the way that you want to. Other companies that force you to get their permission are worrisome to us.

Cross-chain capabilities – never feel locked in to one chain over another. With Project TXA, your digital assets can flow between and across chains effortlessly.

Speed and convenience – enjoy the speed and convenience that you’ve seen in a centralized exchange, just without the overbearing control. Never feel like you have to wait ages just to make a simple trade.

Earning potential – whether you’re staking your TXA, or validating transactions as a Settlement Data Provider, enjoy an impressive earning potential when you help the Project TXA network run more efficiently.

Most projects offer one or two of these benefits, and some may offer a few. But no project has ever offered all of these benefits at the same time and at the same scale that Project TXA does. We’re using our frontier spirit, combined with our pioneering technology, to blaze new trails and boldly go where nobody has before.

We’re glad you’re joining us for the adventure.


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Welcome to Project TXA, where cryptocurrency evolves.