TXA Staking Pool 2 Rewards Now Available!

All tokens and rewards for TXA stakers are officially available for withdrawal - come get your money!

We are thrilled to update our community that their rewards for staking TXA in Pool 2 are now available for withdrawal!

The Project TXA staking feature involved locking $TXA tokens into a 6-month staking contract, which received 50% annualized $TXA rewards paid from the Project TXA token reserve upon conclusion of the lock-up period. Every $TXA token that was locked into a staking contract also triggered Project TXA to automatically burn one of our own $TXA tokens – resulting in the circulating supply reducing even further and the scarcity of $TXA tokens further increasing. This 6-month staking period saw Project TXA burn 302,159 TXA tokens from our own wallets.

The 6-month staking contract began on March 1st, 2023, and ran for 6 months. That means users had until March 1st to lock their $TXA tokens into the staking contract to receive 50% annualized $TXA rewards; tokens staked in this contract couldn’t be removed until the lock-up period ends. That lock-up period officially ended this week, resulting in all tokens and rewards being unlocked for withdrawal.

Project TXA team members have made themselves ineligible for staking rewards in order to avoid accusations of conflict of interest.

You can double-check the burn transactions by checking Etherscan here, and you can withdraw your staked TXA and any rewards you earned by connecting your wallet to the staking feature here.

Keep a close eye on our social media pages to catch upcoming announcements about future token burns, mainnet launch, and other exciting updates!


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