Uniswap doesn’t care about token holders

Uniswap's decision to raise fees without passing along benefits to token holders makes it clear how much they care about token holders.

Uniswap's Controversial Fee Hike: A Blow to Traders and Token Holders

On Monday of this week, Uniswap made the awful decision to raise their swap fee to 0.15% while not giving even a fraction of that fee to $UNI token holders. In other words, Uniswap made a greedy decision that hurts traders without passing along any benefit to the token holders that support their project. Let’s put that into context. On an average day, Uniswap sees around $70 million in trading volume. Expand this out for an average year, and you’re looking at $25.5 billion in trading volume each year. With Uniswap taking a 0.15% cut of those trades, they would be earning $38,250,000 per year in fees in this scenario!

Potential Rewards for UNI Token Holders: An Untapped Opportunity

There are roughly 230,000 wallets that hold the UNI token. If Uniswap were to take just half of the fees they collect in this scenario, and distribute them evenly among their token holders, each wallet would receive $83 per year in fees – and that’s in a bear market! During a bull market, when Uniswap could easily see at least 20 times their current volume in trades, those rewards paid to token holders could exceed $1,000 easily. This would be a very simple decision that Uniswap could make to show that they care about their token holders – but they did not. Does Uniswap care about their token holders? You be the judge of that.

Project TXA: A Paradigm of Token Holder Value

At Project TXA, we built rewards into the very framework of the hybrid decentralized exchange (hDEX) swap protocol. Half of all of the fees earned by the hDEX are given back to stakers who help to support the TXA network. We charge a flat 0.2% fee for all trades, giving half of that to our token holders who stake. If the hDEX were to see $25.5 billion in trading volume per year – like Uniswap does during a bear market – stakers would receive $25.5 million in rewards per year.

Maximizing Rewards for TXA Token Stakers

Given that the TXA token has a maximum supply of less than 50 million tokens, it's easy to imagine how high those rewards could go. If every single TXA was staked, that would be $5.50 paid out in rewards per staked token. However, right now, only around 366,000 TXA tokens have been staked – which means that each staked TXA token would receive over $69 per token in this scenario. If someone were to stake 2,000 TXA – the current minimum stake value – that would equate to $138,000 in rewards per year in this scenario. These are eye-watering numbers, and it serves to illustrate what it looks like when a project actually cares about its token holders.

Project TXA's Commitment to Token Holders and the Future of Crypto Trading

Project TXA cares, which is why we designed our project from the ground up to give back to our token holders in big ways. Why hasn’t Uniswap done the same?

Project TXA has designed the hDEX to be the ultimate trading experience: non-custodial, no account creations, no sign-ups, no hidden fees. A perfect blend of the convenience of a CEX with the safety of a DEX, Project TXA’s hDEX is available to use on Tacen Swap and Tacen Exchange.

Staking TXA to earn rewards is easier than ever, and can be done in just a few clicks by following this guide here.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our users and token holders happy, which is why we’re always burning tokens and increasing staking rewards. Be sure to read about our latest token burns here, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay up to date on the latest giveaways.

Welcome to Project TXA – how crypto was meant to be.